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What is in a story? Is it the minutiae of lexises that makes up each sentence? Or perhaps the source of the burning fire? I use words and paint pictures to bottle fleeting emotions, and explore worlds untold.

My words come varied as they as poignant — from reviews and interviews, to game narratives.

Visual art is my way of showing what the truest expression of the self can be.

They are all stories, and as a maker, I wield them with care.

This website serves as a hub of all my creative work — both written & visual.

Please contact me should you require any further information, or if you are interested in engaging my paid services.

I also Tweet at @heartofhiraeth!

©Hira. All rights reserved. Art by a good friend (does not wish to be named).



The Harana Project — Carnations (Writer)

i-Duel: Battle for Stardom! (Script Editor/Writer)

Memories - Guardian of the Goddess (Script Editor/Proofreader)


Fantasia: Requiem of the Abyss (Script Editor)

That Long Cold Night (Script Editor & Consultant)


I am Hira. Just a dorky person who geeks about plenty of things — with dragons, Pokémon, and abyssal marine life taking precedence. My passion lies with poetry, crafting, and how various languages shape and inform their cultures.

I am also a reviewer for several gaming sites, and dabble in graphic design in my spare time.

Currently trying out traditional art & cosplay crafting. I tweet about my creations from @TheDragonMaker & post pictures on Instagram.

I also make video games.

Always open for hire.

You can reach me at heartofhiraeth[at]gmail[dot]com.


©Hira. All rights reserved. Art by cryptid.




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