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What is in a story? Is it the minutiae of lexises that makes up each sentence? Or perhaps the source of the burning fire? I use words and paint pictures to bottle fleeting emotions, and explore worlds untold.My words come varied as they as poignant — from reviews and interviews, to game narratives.They are all stories, and as a maker — I wield them with care.Please contact me should you require any further information, or if you are interested in engaging my paid services.I also Tweet at @heartofhiraeth!

©Hira. All rights reserved. Art by Anastasia.


OngoingThe Harana Project — Carnations (Writer)Memories - Guardian of the Goddess (Script Editor/Proofreader)Projects on hiatusi-Duel: Battle for Stardom! (Script Editor/Writer)Project by Pixellines Game Studio (Proofreader)CompletedWhite Book: Blanco (Proofreader)Fantasia: Requiem of the Abyss (Script Editor)That Long Cold Night (Script Editor & Consultant)Pink Rose (Script Editor & Consultant)L'Hiver (Ideabouncer & Script Consultant)

©Hira. All rights reserved. Art by Alex (@blinkingkills). Used with permission.

©Hira. All rights reserved. Art by Jess (@regalstars_art). Used with permission.

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I am Hira. Just a dorky person who geeks about plenty of things — with dragons, Pokémon, and abyssal marine life taking precedence. My passion lies with poetry, crafting, and how various languages shape and inform their cultures.I also cover games on several gaming sites (Warp Door being one them), and dabble in graphic design in my spare time.Always open for hire.You can reach me at hira[at]heartofhiraeth[dot]net.Cheers!

©Hira. All rights reserved. Art by cryptid. Used with permission.




For work enquiries, questions, and constructive feedback.I can also be reached at hira[at]heartofhiraeth[dot]net.

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